Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ITE '06, Video Part 2

To see this in the sequence that my final edit is, you need to watch the part on Washington, DC. I think it is important to capture the way the international residents, and other foreign visitors, see our Capitol. DC is not Disney, but even I was surprised that the view of the White House wasn't more like what we get from television and movies.

Part 2A begins at the Renwick Gallery where we get our first glimse of the ITE'ers as a group. I always like it in movies when you don't get to see the lead actor until a lot of time goes by, and then they reveal them slowly, like with their face obscured by a big hat or something similar. Then we meet Dennis Carr our resident scholar from Yale University. This program is unusual, and I think visionary, because besides having a resident photojournalist to document the program visually, the scholar brings a different perspective to the experience. For instance, Dennis is a historian and worked with Hilary on her installation project, (read more on her blog). He also learned to turn on the lathe and made some very nice pieces.

Marilyn Campbell, the Canadian turner is up next. Watch Part 2b, it will tell you much more than I can with words alone. I make a cameo as the sound guy. There are video clips from the John Grass Wood Turning Co., a business that started in 1868 and still looks like a wood shop from the industrial age of Philadelphia. The spray room at UARTS and Marilyn are pictured above.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Joanne Mattera blogging

Joanne Mattera is everywhere, and here is some proof. She is blogging at two new sites, JM Blog, a blog where she talks mostly about other artists and shows lots of great pictures. The last post I read was about her trip to Napoli. Then there is Two Artists Talking. Here the conversation is between Chris Ashley and Joanne. I like this creative use of the blog format.

I have met both Joanne and Chris at exhibitions we showed together at. Both are very generous to other artists, you can tell by what they post. Check them out!

painting by Joanne Mattera

Friday, August 11, 2006

Daniel Heyman, Abu Ghraib

I think from the very beginning it has been the primary role of artists to document, witness and participate in social issues to help us get to the truth, especially when it is something as grave as war. Daniel Heyman has done some excellent work on the topic of human rights abuses at Abu Ghraib. Read the following and follow the links to his site to find out more.

"Philadelphia: Many artists have addressed the issue of the war and continuing presence of U.S. troops in Iraq, and the human rights abuses at Abu Ghraib. Philadelphia artist DANIEL HEYMAN had the unique opportunity to witness interviews with former detainees of Abu Ghraib when he traveled to Amman, Jordan this year as part of a team pursuing a class action suit on behalf of these prisoners. Clean Up America, an installation in The Archive Space at Crane Arts is part of the body of work that is the artist's response to the issue and experience. The exhibition opens on SEPTEMBER 1 with a reception on SEPTEMBER 15 from 5:30-8 p.m., and continues through SEPTEMBER 30. Gallery hours are Wed.-Sun., noon to 6 p.m. The gallery will also be open concurrent with Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe performances in the building. Call 215-913-9663 for more info. This exhibition is supported in part with a grant from the Independence Foundation".

artwork by Daniel Heyman

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Robin Rice ITE article

City Paper is running an article by Robin Rice, shown above right at one of the Artists Talks at the Wood Turning Center. She is talking to Hilary Pfeifer, far left and Marilyn Campbell. It may not be up on their site for long so here is another link. Ms. Rice, a former ITE resident herself, came up to me and asked for a DVD of the documentary I made. I didn't know she was a writer, and had never met her before, so I told her the video wasn't complete until I inserted the final work from the exhibition. I pointed her the the Sign Up sheet for those who would like a copy of the final movie. Then she told me who she was and I handed her a DVD of the video that was showing in the gallery that night.

If anyone reading this is interested in getting on the list to purchase the ITE '06 documentary that Ms. Rice called "delightful", please send me an email, or contact the Wood Turning Center for additional information. Or you can also call at 215-923-8000. We will need your name, address, email and phone number and if you want more than one. Once they are in we will let you know. They will be $12 and are approximately 40 minutes long. Besides being able to watch the movie full size on your TV or computer, and in full stereo, you will be helping to enable The Wood Turning Center to continue bringing important programs to the public and at the same time helping Romanblog continue to bring the arts to the internet and beyond.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

ITE'06, Video Part 1

This first part of the video places us where much of the residency took place, at Uarts (University of the Arts) on South Broad street in Philadelphia. This area is also known as Avenue of the Arts because many arts related institutions and businesses are located there. From everything that I heard from the artists in the program, the wood shop facilities at UARTS were excellent. Jane Swanson was our friendly and on-the-ball facilitator for the shop. She helped me out personally with lighting equipment, which means I had a few pounds less of heavy equipment to lug over daily.

You will also meet Neil Scobie, the turner from Australia, and Albert LeCoff, director of the Wood Turning Center.

We end this sequence in Washington DC at the home of Jane and Arthur Mason, who were very hospitable to us all, inviting us into their home and treating us to a fine lunch. They were also generous with their time, showing us their large art collection with many fine examples of wood turned objects as well as sculpture, painting and other art forms. It was especially nice for me to see some of the excellent drawings and ceramic pieces that Mrs. Mason made which stood up along side even the biggest names in their collection.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

ITE Premiere Screening and Exhibition

The International Turning Exchange culminates with an exhibition that opens tonight, First Friday at the Wood Turning Center. "allTURNatives: Form + Spirit" includes the 30 minute documentary I made during my 2 months as a resident of the program. But of course besides video there are many wood objects, both turned and otherwise, an installation and some of my own new abstract painting.

Come out and meet the artists and explore their work. Dennis Carr, Neil Scobie, Liam Flynn, Jo Stone and Marilyn Campbell. Hilary Pfeifer and myself were the group picked for this year’s residency. Hilary Pfeifer has a blog that she has kept up during the entire time. She brings a perspective to the experience that is interesting visually and as a written journal. Visit the Wood Turning Center’s website for additional information. Or you can call 215-923-8000.

Visit again soon and see some clips from the movie.
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