Sunday, December 31, 2006

Art Heaven or Art Hell

If I were the Big Curator or Critic in the clouds, deciding who would enter the pearly gates of Art Heaven when Sean Scully arrived, I would have to let him right through and give him a special stool at the great Cedar Bar in the sky. There is no other artist of his stature that speaks out for artists and culture the way he does. Two articles well worth reading can be found at Artinfo and the other at Journal of Contemporary Art. Mr. Scully has a new book out titled "Sean Scully: Resistance and Persistance: Selected Writings." You also still have 2 weeks to see his exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in NY.

A couple excerpts from Eric Davis' piece online at Journal of Contemporary Art.

"I can put it very briefly - people who talk about the 'Brit Pack' always say the name should simply be changed to 'Shit Pack,' because it's a pack of shit. It is exploitive, superficial, opportunistic, hip, laconic, sarcastic, sardonic, everything I don't like; it's full of cynicism and opportunism. They work in a gang."

"There are so many kunsthalles in the world now, and there are so many people running around trying to fill them up with stuff that is attention grabbing, without any thought about whether they are going to be interesting in six months let alone sixty years. So, what you've got is a dangerous axis developing between the popularization of culture, which is called Pop Culture, and how that can get into the art world and get into the whole art structure."

Above, Pale White Wall, 2002
Sean Scully (American, b. Ireland, 1945)
Oil on canvas; 60 x 70 in. (152.4 x 177.8 cm)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nic Coviello, Art Talk Video, Part 2

Here Nic gives us some insight into the influence a former teacher, Alex Katz, had on him. I asked him what effect, if any, having the goal of an exhibition has on his work. The highs and low of technology are discussed and how Nic feels about the space at Nexus. By the way, while we were taping I spoke with Nick Cassway, and he told me that Nexus will be moving to a great new space at the Crane Building.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Romaniello on Inliquid

In case you don't already know, Inliquid is an organization that hosts over 240 websites of artists from around the country. The annual fee they charge the artists is very modest. Often thought of as a virtual organization, they are actually a very special group of real people who are totally committed to their mission. If you want to know what is happening, go to their listings of galleries, museums and institutions or visit the calendar. They also run auctions that benefit various community groups, they create features for current exhibitions and host an opportunities page for artists. And this is just a small part of what Inliquid does. So check them out and while you are there look for my new Inliquid page on their site.

I have just updated my personal website with new images that are different from those featured on Inliquid.

Above, Untitled 676, 48x64 in, mixed mediums on canvas, 2006

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nic Coviello, Art Talk Video, Part 1

"They Just Keep Pulling Me Back In." The quote is derived from the famous Pacino quote in "Godfather III." I thought of this line because when I started making videos of artists, purely out of frustration over the lack of media coverage for the visual arts, I guess I had hoped the situation would get better. Wrong.

Nic Coviello is just one example last month of an artist who has been part of the Philadelphia art scene for years, worked 2 years on a major show and didn't get even a mention in the local media. Not a word in the mass media, nor in the so called alternative media, or even on the blogs. Of course local television is too busy covering tail gate parties to bother, and forget about radio. It seems to me that their taste for the nouveau and for plugging the big art institutions has become all consuming. Come on Philadelphia, remember Eakins and Whitman.

One could say Nic is fortunate in having the opportunity to exhibit his work, and he says as much during our conversation. But if there is no dialog because few people see a show, and there is no criticism, then a couple of major reason for an artist to exhibit are missing.

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