Maximilian and Alexandria

Giuseppe Riviera

Open Fan #1, 11x25"

Germany United,27x20"

Collage is Riviera's favorite art form. He likes the flexibility it affords him." I paint on them. I use pen and ink, just about everything. I take the first step, and then the work takes me. I'm always experimenting, trying new things."

Creative scavenging is also part of the process. Squirreled away in Riviera's studio is a morgue of old photos, postage stamps from around the world, post cards bought at antique shops, old books gotten from museums, packing slips, patterned wallpaper, old sheet music, costumes, and a wire mesh fish basket. All find their way into his creations.

Sometimes, he'll pull out an already completed work and give it a new life in an altered state."What I learn from one piece I carry over to the next," he says.