Geoform online resource focusing on geometric form in contemporary abstract art

Rosalux Gallery is a Minneapolis gallery featuring contemporary art

Robert Roscoe Art Photographs Another fine artist from the Minneapolis MN

Robert D. Hogge Painter

Tremain Smith abstract encaustic paintings

David Foss abstract paintings

Julie Karabenick geometric abstract painting

Paul Fabozzi abstract paintings

Shawn McNulty abstract paintings

Kurt Shaw Abstract Artist

Bill Gingles mixed media abstract paintings

Barry Massoni's online gallery of abstract and near abstract photography, including free wallpaper and screensavers.

Rebecca Silus urban landscape painting

Rachel Citrino painting, clay, installations

Woods+Woods award winning branding, packaging, corporate identity and illustration

Abstract art informel by Robert Carbonell

Sylvia White Advice for artists on finding a gallery, pricing, studio visits etc.

Biennale Internazionale, Florence Italy

DoubleTake 7

Academy of Art College

Arts Wire Opportunities

Favorite Poem Project

William Gaddis his novels are relentless in their criticism of the way contemporary capitalism corrupts and distorts human creativity and personal relationships.

Don DeLillo he has published thirteen novels since 1971, along with several plays and numerous stories.

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