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Painting the Picture- excerpt

R. B. Strauss

June 15 2001

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Vincent Romaniello offers a pair of paintings, "Silvery Sky" and "Girl in Landscape."

Both are oil on canvas; both embrace abstract motives--and then rout them.

"Silvery Sky" is a pale work that features a series of finely rendered vertical lines which

suggest a curtain. Indeed, both works are luminous yet defined as if a scrim

hangs before them--or perhaps a caul. The airiness here is apparent even from a distance.

Yet these are substantial achievements that flow like ectoplasm.


Though they boast separate titles, one definitely gleans a sense that--in keeping with the

totality of the whole exhibition--these are but two works in a greater sequence. Bits

of color suspended in solution, balls of coruscating lighting, atmospheres of an alien world

and the cosmos itself, these are all found within this work, dense yet subtle with light

and shade. Though no shadows are present, the brightness here comes in surprised




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