Sunday, June 25, 2006

Echo Lake, Part 1, video

The first trip that the ITE residents participated in was Echo Lake held at Bucks County Community College, Bucks County, PA. 45 artists and artisans came from around the world to collaborate on a variety of projects that were primarily made of wood, but also included metalwork, painting, ceramics and found objects. They all contributed their finished artwork to the auction held at the end of 3 days to benefit the college, a scholarship fund for students and to help pay for next years event.

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DC on Father's Day 2006, video

In Washington last Sunday, there where people exercising their right to free speech in front of the Whitehouse. Thanks to the patriots who offered up signs and songs. You can stop the Quicktime movie at any point to read the protest signs better. At first I was told I could photograph anything I want by Whitehouse security guards. Then I was told not to use a tripod, so excuse the shaky cam, and you're not allowed to photograph the guards either.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

ITE Goes to Washington

The ITE, International Turning Exchange, is a residency program that started years ago that puts together a diverse group that includes lathe turners, furniture makers, a scholar and/or photojournalist. I am this years photojournalist. To learn more details about the residency check out The Wood Turning Center's site. Those involved in this years residency are Dennis Carr, Neil Scobie, Liam Flynn, Jo Stone and Marilyn Campbell. Hilary Pfeifer, another one of the residents, has a blog on what has happened in the last week or so since the program started.

Pictured above is the exterior of the Renwick Gallery, part of the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Visiting the Capitol was one of many excursions that the residents will make while in the area. This years ITE'ers are from Australia, Canada, Ireland and the USA.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cut your own video

The panel discussion for "Order(ed)" at Gallery Siano went for over an hour. Since streaming and downloading video has it's limitation, I did make some cuts, then made short clips that you can watch in the order that you like. I will give a summary of each clip to help you decide. Maybe I'll do this again in the future and add a few more clips from the panel discussion.

Clip 1 - Moderator, Roberta Fallon, asks the artists on the panel if they could share some of the processes they use in creating their art. Julie Gross talks about sketches, rabbit skin glue and some materials I hadn't heard of before.
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Clip 2 - Laurie Fendrich picks up on the same question and adds her thoughts on the danger of words and writers to visual art.
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Clip 3 - Edith Newhall, art critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer, answers a question by Roberta about how she approaches an artist work that she is going to write about.
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Clip 4 - W. C. Richardson tackles the big subjects of surface, structure and scale. He also talks about Piet Mondrian's early influence on him.
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City Paper, Culture Shock

City Paper has a department called "Culture Shock" and I contributed a piece about my current obsession, google satellite maps (picture above is an example). Each week different people from the local arts and entertainment world are asked what they are reading, watching, listening to, or just plain find interesting. Some of the people asked recently are, Andrew Repasky McElhinney, Nick Cassway, Emily J.K., Art DiFuria and John Murphy. Topics range from Gemma Hayes' new album to BBQ'd Seitan. Below are links to a few of the recent pieces.
Febuary 9, 2006
Febuary 23, 2006
May 18, 2006