Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Anthony DeMelas, Part 3

Anthony talks about being a young graffiti artist. He also explains the process of turning still images he creates into videos and projections that he uses for theatre, dance and night club events. We play an excerpt from the video that he worked on with Ricardo Rivera entitled "Triumph of Summer", from a solo performance by Jesse Wilson.

Please see the posts that explain the additional Quicktime 7 (QT7) versions you have to choose from.

Part 3 large QT7 version (720x480 stereo) appox. 9.7 MB
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Part 3 small QT6 version (160x120 mono) appox. 2.4 MB
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Part 3 large QT6 version (320x120 mono) appox. 11.5 MB
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