Monday, October 17, 2005

John T. Spike in Philadelphia

Today I met with John T. Spike, the director of The Florence Biennale, at Gallery Siano in Philadelphia. In 2001 I was one of 600 artists from 54 countries participating in the Florene Biennale and had the opportunity of speaking with Dr. Spike many times. He was very generous with his time and "molto gentile" in the way he pointed out strengths and weaknesses of a piece. He astounded me at how he was able to get to the heart of a painting in ways that I thought only I, being the maker, could understand. This is a special gift that he demonstrated time and again while giving critiques of artist's work at the Biennale.

This year's edition of the Florence Biennale will include as guests, artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, as well as one of the founders of Op Art, Richard Anuszkiewicz. Many of Anuszkiewic's compositions will be exhibited at the Florence International Biennale of Contemporary Art and Christo will present a slide show of his work.

Dr. John T Spike is author of numerous volumes including Masaccio, Baroque portraiture in Italy, Caravaggio and The Sense of Pleasure.