Saturday, December 10, 2005

Jon Manteau, Part 1, video

Brash, truthful, and engaging are words that describe both the paintings and the personality of Jon Manteau. His recent 8x12 foot paintings prove this on a huge scale. The studio is king size to accommodate the oversized tools and countless gallons of paint he needs to create these captivating works. Instead of using the traditional brush or palette knife, Jon has designed and built a jumbo trough to feed paint onto the six wooded panels that make up his support. He needs help to maneuver this monstrous painting tool, and we watch as Jon and friend Andrew Geller apply an inch thick stream of house paint over the previously painted areas. The result is thick layers of color that stretch from the earth to the sky.

Above, "My wedding ring is in the belly of a bluefish", 8x12', house paint on cabinet grade plywood, 2005, by Jon Manteau.

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