Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Global Creative Economy Summit

Registration for the Creative Economy Convergence Summit closes June 2nd, so if you are interested in joining us please check into it soon. Myself and others listed below, will participate in a panel discussion entitled "Technological Models for Outreach and Creativity in the Local Community". This will take place on the 3rd and final day towards the end of the conference and right before the closing party - "Sound of Philadelphia" (Sponsored by The World Cafe Live).

Technological Models for Outreach and Creativity in the Local Community
Location: The Cliveden Room, The Park Hyatt Philadelphia
Rachel Zimmerman, InLiquid.com
John McInerney, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
Roberta Fallon, Artblog
Libby Rosof, Artblog
Vincent Romaniello, Romanblog

From their materials - "The creative industry impacts every aspect of the economy. Come to Philadelphia for the first Global Creative Economy Convergence Summit on June 12-14, 2006. Entrepreneurs, business leaders, artists, and technology professionals from for-profit and non-profit organizations from the many arts, media, and technology industries will join together to exchange ideas and help to create a framework for understanding how the Creative Economy contributes to the economic future of the world." Learn more.