Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ITE '06, Video Part 2

To see this in the sequence that my final edit is, you need to watch the part on Washington, DC. I think it is important to capture the way the international residents, and other foreign visitors, see our Capitol. DC is not Disney, but even I was surprised that the view of the White House wasn't more like what we get from television and movies.

Part 2A begins at the Renwick Gallery where we get our first glimse of the ITE'ers as a group. I always like it in movies when you don't get to see the lead actor until a lot of time goes by, and then they reveal them slowly, like with their face obscured by a big hat or something similar. Then we meet Dennis Carr our resident scholar from Yale University. This program is unusual, and I think visionary, because besides having a resident photojournalist to document the program visually, the scholar brings a different perspective to the experience. For instance, Dennis is a historian and worked with Hilary on her installation project, (read more on her blog). He also learned to turn on the lathe and made some very nice pieces.

Marilyn Campbell, the Canadian turner is up next. Watch Part 2b, it will tell you much more than I can with words alone. I make a cameo as the sound guy. There are video clips from the John Grass Wood Turning Co., a business that started in 1868 and still looks like a wood shop from the industrial age of Philadelphia. The spray room at UARTS and Marilyn are pictured above.

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