Friday, January 05, 2007

Chris Ashley and Douglas Witmer

Across The Borderline is a collaborative drawing project between Chris Ashley, putting pen and other instruments to paper in Oakland, CA and Douglas Witmer working on the same pieces in Philadelphia, PA. I remember in high school art class, Mrs. Colker, our art teacher, asked a student to start a drawing and pass it along to everyone in the class who would then add their own marks to it. The process here is similar but the results are far superior. Here there is elegance, economy and a few surprises. My favorite kind of work.

The results of the collaberation will be on view from January 10 - February 10, at the Rike Center Gallery, University of Dayton, Ohio. You can see some of the work and hear about the process directly from Douglas and Chris on their blogs.

Douglas was a subject of one of my videos. Find the link on the sidebar of this page.

Above: Collaborative drawings by Chris Ashley and Douglas Witmer, mixed media on paper, 2006