Sunday, December 31, 2006

Art Heaven or Art Hell

If I were the Big Curator or Critic in the clouds, deciding who would enter the pearly gates of Art Heaven when Sean Scully arrived, I would have to let him right through and give him a special stool at the great Cedar Bar in the sky. There is no other artist of his stature that speaks out for artists and culture the way he does. Two articles well worth reading can be found at Artinfo and the other at Journal of Contemporary Art. Mr. Scully has a new book out titled "Sean Scully: Resistance and Persistance: Selected Writings." You also still have 2 weeks to see his exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in NY.

A couple excerpts from Eric Davis' piece online at Journal of Contemporary Art.

"I can put it very briefly - people who talk about the 'Brit Pack' always say the name should simply be changed to 'Shit Pack,' because it's a pack of shit. It is exploitive, superficial, opportunistic, hip, laconic, sarcastic, sardonic, everything I don't like; it's full of cynicism and opportunism. They work in a gang."

"There are so many kunsthalles in the world now, and there are so many people running around trying to fill them up with stuff that is attention grabbing, without any thought about whether they are going to be interesting in six months let alone sixty years. So, what you've got is a dangerous axis developing between the popularization of culture, which is called Pop Culture, and how that can get into the art world and get into the whole art structure."

Above, Pale White Wall, 2002
Sean Scully (American, b. Ireland, 1945)
Oil on canvas; 60 x 70 in. (152.4 x 177.8 cm)