Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nic Coviello, Art Talk Video, Part 1

"They Just Keep Pulling Me Back In." The quote is derived from the famous Pacino quote in "Godfather III." I thought of this line because when I started making videos of artists, purely out of frustration over the lack of media coverage for the visual arts, I guess I had hoped the situation would get better. Wrong.

Nic Coviello is just one example last month of an artist who has been part of the Philadelphia art scene for years, worked 2 years on a major show and didn't get even a mention in the local media. Not a word in the mass media, nor in the so called alternative media, or even on the blogs. Of course local television is too busy covering tail gate parties to bother, and forget about radio. It seems to me that their taste for the nouveau and for plugging the big art institutions has become all consuming. Come on Philadelphia, remember Eakins and Whitman.

One could say Nic is fortunate in having the opportunity to exhibit his work, and he says as much during our conversation. But if there is no dialog because few people see a show, and there is no criticism, then a couple of major reason for an artist to exhibit are missing.

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