Friday, March 14, 2008

Thank you fellow artists

Approximately six weeks into my show at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, I would like to thank all of the artists who have posted reviews, videos and mentions. So far, Robin Rice at City Paper is the only media outlet that has mentioned the show, other than a listing, but then there is still time.

There are numerous reasons why it is important to get feedback on a show, the most obvious being that more people might be compelled to go experience the exhibition for themselves. But more importantly, artists generally work alone and have little contact or feedback from the outside world while making the art. So to receive reviews by art critics and other artists on an individual work, or the way a show is presented in a particular space, and the best thing of all, words that bring new insight to the work, can be of great value. Visual art is made to communicate and it is better when the communication is back and forth and not a monologue.

The following are links from those who have in some way mentioned the show so far.

Steven Alexander

Chris Ashley

Vittorio Colazzi (essay, pdf)

Lynne Dunham

Pam Farrell

Ann Tracy Lopez

Tim McFarlane

Douglas Witmer